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  • Showcase Brands Customers Love with Free POS Kits and Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

    Cleaning supplies for spring cleaning

With so many items vying for customers’ attention, integrated marketing collateral is critical to make a product pop. That’s why UNFI’s Brands+ team develops seasonal campaigns with coordinated POS kits and digital assets – and makes them available to you, free of charge.

Designed to make the biggest impact with a small footprint, POS kits ship directly to your store(s) for easy set-up, and no fees. Depending on the campaign, it will contain:

  • shelf talkers & danglers
  • end cap and Ironman signs
  • freezer clings
  • coupons
  • retail support (e.g., freezer tray, shippers, dump bins)

Additionally, a digital marketing kit makes online and/or print promotion turnkey, with web page banners and images for your circular. If you run your own social media, Brands+ Marketing will still provide complimentary images, copy, and recipes.

UNFI marketing and creative teams work closely with sales prior to production to determine key messages and the best execution for the retail environment. Although kits are tailored by campaign, season, and category, the goal is the same: delivering a holistic solution that’s most enticing to the customer and product images as beautiful and mouthwatering as possible.

Following a campaign (which typically lasts one to three months) the team evaluates online and in-store results. Your feedback is welcome and valuable; we encourage everyone using the kits to take a post-campaign survey or tell their UNFI Brands+ sales rep what worked well and how we may improve.  

Upcoming campaigns are:

  • MT. VIKOS - Holiday (Nov-Dec) Essentials for holiday entertaining
  • ESSENTIAL EVERYDAY - Holiday (Nov-Dec) Baking focused for holiday favorites
  • FIELD DAY - Holiday (Nov-Dec) Eat. Bake. Love.
  • WOODSTOCK - Winter Promotion (Jan-Feb 2022) – Plant-based recipes, frozen fruits & vegetables, and nut butters
  • TUMARO’S – New Year (Jan 2022) Carb-wise wraps to start the new year

These brands have a loyal following; they’re in key categories with products your customers will want for their holiday entertaining. Make sure you have them on display and readily available. And bring some extra attention and pizazz to the aisles and advertising with these no-cost marketing materials.

UNFI customers currently using the kits love the components for new items, special offerings, and store events; and their customers love the coupons! If you’re not already taking advantage of the Brands+ POS kits and digital assets, talk to your Brands+ sales rep today about current and future campaigns.