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  • A More Efficient and Profitable Grocery Store

    A man handing credit card to checkout clerk

Grocery retailing is a challenging business in so many different ways. That’s why UNFI Professional Services offers various services designed to help your store stand out from the competition. UNFI offers the most comprehensive array of services available today, all designed to do one thing: Make your store more efficient and profitable.

UNFI collectively leverages more than 70 years of experience to help independent grocery retailers grow and succeed. Our solutions are affordable, flexible and customized to fit your company’s unique needs. Here are three of the many ways UNFI can help:

Pricing: Smart pricing is vital. The right prices on your store’s food and general merchandise can help you maximize revenue and profits. If your prices are too high, you won’t stay competitive and if your prices are too low, you could leave money on the table. It takes time, money and intel to price right. At UNFI Professional Services, UNFI can help keep your prices competitive and relevant and help you solve all of your pricing challenges.

Variety of coupons

Coupon Services: Your customers love them plus they boost your sales! Let UNFI manage the redemption process for you. No more separating coupons and shipping to each manufacturer for reimbursement. UNFI will manage coupon clearing, quick payment turnaround, denied payment support, potential income revenue share and coupon payment statements. Retailers who work with UNFI receive payment 30+ days faster than processing redemptions directly with manufacturers on their own.

Consumer Marketing+Digital: UNFI has powerful solutions for branding and marketing your business. Additionally, Circular Production and Printing, 52-Week Promotion & Advertising Plan and Shopper Marketing & National Events. UNFI print 11 million grocery circulars for 2,200 stores each and every week! Digital marketing is a must in today’s world, and UNFI offers it all in that realm, too — websites and hosting, mobile apps, loyalty & rewards, e-commerce online shopping, social media management and e-mail marketing.