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  • Optimize Your Pricing Strategy

    Optimize Your Pricing Strategy

Setting the right price for the products in your store is vital. It’s simple: If your store’s prices are too high, shoppers will buy less or go elsewhere. If they’re too low, you’ll leave money on the table. But setting the right price on products throughout a typical grocery store is a complex and challenging task. Let us help! UNFI’s Strategic Retail Pricing team offers an array of services to help grocery retailers achieve sales and profit objectives with optimal pricing of food and non-food merchandise throughout the store.

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Each of our retailers have access to numerous house zones, benchmarked to key competitors in every market. We enable you to effectively manage price image and gross profit objectives for your store. Our pricing services are unsurpassed in the industry — more than 95% of our retail customers utilize UNFI Retail Pricing services. We have more than 50 retail pricing experts across the country, leveraging a combined 450+ years of pricing experience to support our customers.

Here are some of the ways we can help make your store more successful and profitable:

SRP Zones. Our SRP Zones offer a range of suggested retail pricing choices. Each zone is modeled to align with the competitors in your local area. Zones are based on:

  • Item and category strategy
  • Competitive information
  • Vendor cost changes
  • Our pricing experience

Retail Shelf Verification Program. RSVP ensures that your shelf tags are accurate by comparing them with current information in the UNFI file. If a discrepancy is detected, a new “CK” label is issued to correct the shelf SRP and a POS update is sent if on Host program. Audit reports appear on SVHarbor documenting RSVP activity.

Customized Retailer Individualized Pricing. The CRIP program is designed to give you the flexibility to override UNFI SRP Zone pricing to establish your own item-level price structure.

Psychological Pricing and Price Points. Psychological Pricing and Price Points allow you to choose from many different options to manage retail price point ending digits. The pricing preference can be set for all prices.

Competitive Price Check Service. We provide a way for grocery store owners to keep an eye on local competitors by providing full-service price check coordination and reporting to help manage price perception. We offer our pricing services for selected Items, categories, departments or for a full store, based on a store owner’s specific needs.

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