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  • Utilize the Right Store Design to Transform Your Grocery Business

    Organic produce aisle

In the grocery business, design and presentation have always mattered. As we emerge from a global pandemic, it’s absolutely critical. The global pandemic has created significant shifts in consumer shopping patterns and behavior and it’s never been more important to analyze the layout of each store using sales data, analytics and trends to determine the size and scope of each category. Where each category is located in the store and how it’s presented to customers also has a dramatic effect on sales and profits.

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The pandemic, for example, has shifted consumer demand toward the health and wellness category, and that’s expected to be a largely enduring change even after the COVID-19 outbreak comes to an end. Consumers want their foods and beverages to help them live longer and healthier lives. Many grocery stores don’t have nearly enough of these types of products, the right mix and/or they aren’t showcasing them effectively. According to SPINS, supplement sales this year are on track to grow by 12%, reaching $54 billion. That’s about $3 billion higher than pre-COVID projections. Strong growth is projected in 2021 and beyond in natural, organic and functional foods and beverages.

According to Nielsen data, of U.S. households purchasing foods and beverages this year, 90% have purchased organic, 86% have purchased sugar-free, 99% have purchased low-fat and 74% have purchased high protein foods. Trending foods and beverages include oat milk, energy drinks, value-added water, non-dairy yogurt, snack combos, sparkling water, and lactose-reduced/free milk. But these products don’t sell themselves; your store needs a quality plan to present and promote them.

We offer shelf management consulting and award-winning store designs and remodels, all focused on providing your customers with the best shopping experience while simultaneously ensuring efficient use of your store space. We can assist with high-quality tools and in-store promotions from some of our 10,000+ suppliers. Our print and digital options are quick and easy to use. With our help, you can offer your customers a new and exciting shopping experience.